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I-D Signs
   There are currently several Joyce I-D murals located in businesses and homes in  the area.  Some that are easily viewed in Reedsburg are inside of the Viking Liquor Store on the east ind of town.  It has three large murals in it.   Two are western cowboy scenes and the other is a landscape featuring grape vines in the wine tasting area.  There is also a farm scene in the back of Viking Village Grocery Store with dairy cows, horses, a dog and a cat. There is also a small farm scene in the kids play area in the Super Lube next door too. 

   Wheel City Motors on S. Albert Ave. has a large Automobile Mural that is fun to see.

   But the latest ones that were really fun to do are inside Hoof Funeral Home ar 312 N. Park St..  There are about 12 areas painted,
the sizes very from 2'x2' to an wall about 10' tall x 16'. The large one is a farm, bridge and willow trees along a lake. Some of the smaller ones are a garden, swans on water, flowers, eichinacea and butterflies, birds​​​​, ​​an Elm Tree, an Oak Tree and a creek with Marsh Marigolds.